DADA IN NUCE – Cabaret Voltaire Reopened


The Cabaret Voltaire celebrated its reopening with a big gala. The beating heart of the renewed Dada birth place is the exhibition „Dada in Nuce“. It assembles in the crypt all of the 165 Dadaists along with the places where they were active and to where the influence of Dada extended and left its mark in the past 97 years. The bar on the first floor of the Cabaret Voltaire and its shop on the ground floor have been renovated as well.


The exhibition – curated by the director of the Cabaret Voltaire, Adrian Notz, and Juri Steiner, curator of the Dada Jubilee – will be accompanied by a catalog.


Dada in Nuce, Cabaret Voltaire

Spiegelgasse 1, 8001 Zürich

Website Cabaret Voltaire