DADA ON TOUR in Rio De Janeiro


From October 22 until 26, 2014, the beautiful Casa Daros in Rio de Janeiro welcomed „Dada on Tour“ as a guest and accompanied the project with its own liaison program.

Owing to various encounters with artists, professors and curators, Dada had the chance to soak up cannibalistic „anthropophagia“, „Tropicalismo“, as well as Hélio Oiticicas living „Samba“ images.

The large number of visitors in the tent we put up in the courtyard of Casa Daros, as well as the two full pages of coverage the Brazilian Vogue reserved for Dada, prompted by „Dada on Tour“, attest to Rio’s great interest in Dada, and then there was the anonymous graffiti, high above, in Santa Teresa: „JE T’AIME. NAO EXISTE MOVIMENTO SEM RITMO“.

Next stop: Kochi, India

„Dada on Tour“ mit Dominik Casanova (Direktor Casa Daros) und Heloisa (Produzentin)