Dada and You

The partnership between the crowdfunding platform wemakeit and the funding body of the celebration “Dada 100 Zurich 2016” is entering its second round with additional projects: And we are once again looking for new and exciting Dada ideas, which will be realized in advance of the anniversary. The Dada Bank, which was established particularly for this collaboration, will co-finance submitted Dada projects with the goal of launching an extensive range of exciting activities to make Dada an experience across Switzerland and abroad.


Dada projects, but what kind?

Whether restaged earlier Dada activities, scientific research into avant-garde developments or even new Dada influences in contemporary culture – we are looking for innovative ideas to rediscover the anti-art movement. Dada is an open field, which nurtures the growth of what doesn’t quite conform to bourgeois norms and conventions. Project submissions are welcome from all over the world.


The Dada Bank will pitch in

Since November 2015, an additional 20,000 Swiss francs are waiting to be distributed randomly. What’s different now is that the prizes are no longer paid in cash, but instead contributed to a project as a percentage of the funding target. The Dada100 Wheel will be spun again, and percentage amounts between 16 and 37 will be drawn. The Dada100 Wheel will continue to spin until the Dada Bank is empty.


See projects, which have already benefited from dada.

If you wish to participate, submit your project here.