Ever since man began to think, he asks himself: “Where does Dada begin, where does Dada end?” After the dark centuries in Europe have come to an end, it is our task to probe into this issue by way of journalistic means – a pinpoint touchdown on the occasion of the 100th Dada Jubilee.


We interview Dadalosophers and Dadaphile contemporaries on the history of Dada and to find out: where Dada actually begins and where it ends. To do this, we take on some help in the form of a Rubik`s Cube. At the end of the conversation, the cube is passed on to the next interview partner as left behind by the previous one. In this way, all together try to solve the mystery of the centenary history of Dada.

Markus Notter explains Dada

Dieter Meier explains Dada

Tanzhaus Zürich explain Dada

Claudia Jolles explains Dada

Viktor Jerofejew explains Dada

Kaspar König explains Dada

Christian Jankowski explains Dada

Sandi Paucic explains Dada

Paul Polaris explains Dada

Kerim Seiler explains Dada

Roger Willemsem explains Dada

Jörg Hafkemeyer explains Dada

T.C.Boyle explains Dada